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Atlanta Vampires and Goth

It's in the blood...

Atlanta Goth and Vamp
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Atlanta Goth and Vampires...

You can be your true self and not be judged, just accepted as the unique person you are and make friends along the way. We may have darker gothic interests, may look at the world in a different way and do not want to conform to the mainstream way of thinking. If you want to find people to go to dinner, concerts, movies, or any other event, this is your best bet to meet other like-minded people who share your interests. Pick and choose which events interest you, or come to them all!
We meet to socialize with members of the group, develop friendships/bonds with those who share gothic interests, and also have more special events such as concerts, festivals, vampire community hosted events, see movies, museums & unique places.

Here are our sister links...

http://vampires.meetup.com/96/ Our Atlanta Vampire Meetup Group

http://goth.meetup.com/37/ Our Atlanta Goth Meetup Group

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/atlantagothandvamp/ Our combine Yahoo Atlanta Goth and Vamp Group

http://groups.myspace.com/atlantagothandvamp Our combined Yahoo Atlanta Goth and Vamp Myspace Group
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